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Board Guidelines

Common Sense Guide

We don't want to go over the top here, but have decided that maybe a guide to thoughtful behaviour
would be more in the order of the day. Here you go:

Post to people. There's nothing as nice as a cheerful posting. It's always nice to know
there are people out there who would like to hear from you and enjoy any contribution you make.
Thank the guys/authors who make this stuff for you.

Be friendly and helpful. Post helpful replies and it will be returned tenfold.
This is as much a fun place as any Driving Sims forum where we can all help each other.
This does not necessarily just have to be about Driving Sims though.

"What counts a great deal in life is what we do for others." - Dale Carnegie

Please be generous with your praise, and cautious with criticism. Be considerate with the feelings of others;
it will be appreciated. Treat others just as you would want them to treat you.

Be thoughtful of others opinions. There are three sides to every controversy - yours, the others - and the right one.
It is always a good idea to re-read and think about what you are about to post.
If you can't word it properly and it may cause offence, don't post it!

It is alright to edit your posts in the immediate aftermath of posting as well. If seeing your post on the forum brings
something to your attention that you feel you should change, do it there and then!


Please remember and note that this forum is for and about Sim Racing, therefore we ask you to keep this in mind when you post. We ask that you consider refraining from items that could be inflamatory or degrading to others. Do remember that we have members from all around the world with diversified beliefs and customs. We do have an off topic section, but be considerate and think about what you are going to post. Signatures and avatars are also considered posts.

Consider ALL files/addons, be they pictures, tracks, cars, mods, horizons or any modification posted in this forum, to be pure fantasy. They are not to be considered historical or realistic in any way or manner unless specifically described or stated as such in the readme or thread/post. There may be certain consideration of posts within a thread but these should be treated individually and not part of the whole thread and so the inverse will be valid as well. When reviewing/using any files in this forum the onus is solely on the user whether to consider/verify if the files are to be anything other than pure fantasy and not of the maker/artist.


When posting any files in this forum the onus is solely on the poster  to verify if the files are legal and not of the SimRacing Mirror Zone administration. If you are posting a file and you don't know who the maker is - say so.

All comments/ideas are of the individual poster and not necessarily of the SimRacing Mirror Zone administration.


The Mirror Zone Staff

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