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SRMZ No Longer Exists


Posted by Tim Wheatley in The SRMZ Archive
SRMZ formed around 2003 and grew from the RSC forums Grand Prix Legends community due to the hosting failures suffered there. This community kept Grand Prix Legends very much alive. The RSC archive is all the content that can be found on archive.org in a form where Google can effectively index it. When an item has been indixed you can search the SRMZ archives here to find it. If you knew the old SRMZ url simply replace the domain with this one to see if the link works. The GPL community moved to gplaltern.gplracer.eu

Crash To Desktop When Entering Track

14 Dec 2022


So I installed GPL for the first time last night, and manually put in a patch, CPU fix and some others I now forgot. But I think it was all of them. I start the game and am able to calibrate my Thrustmaster wheel, but when I try to go to track it crashes. CTD when I press the green button.

Today I installed it again to my HDD using GPLPS GPL Installer Beta 1.08.

I've now installed the game twice, once in C drive and once in D(One is SSD and the other is HDD), so I doubt it's any corrupted files.

I can spectate the race and enter cockpit mode, but when I try to join by pressing the green button it crashes. No error message appears. Happens on any car and any track, in practice too.

So I installed it again using the installer. I put it in D:\Sierra\GPL

What I've tried:

-Run as Admin
-Disable UAC
-File indexing is allowed
-Turned off Antivirus
-Compability Mode for Vista, XP and Windows 98/me
-Read only turned off in all folders and files
-Tried with and without wheel plugged in(I have no other controllers than my Thrustmaster T150)
-Tried different resolution(Native is 1920x1200, which does show up but makes no difference to the others)
-Tried all of the D3Accelerelator options there is in the options menu including OpenGLv2
-GPLInspect shows everything in green.
-Turned off all graphics settings in the ingame options menu

PC specs(if even needed)
Windows 10
GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
Intel i5 9400F
16gb RAM

Thanks in advance for any help. I've now spent about 4 hours trying to get this game working.

Edit. Fixed a typo and added a thing I've tried.


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Can I Just Say That I Love This Game

15 Dec 2022

I usually play Dirt Rally. And F1 2021 and I have had a ton of fun in the process. Some RBR is also fun when I feel like an actual sim. Now I've never bought Assetto Corsa or the likes, so I don't know, but this game - GPL is so :angry33:ing awesome. Super realistic simulator of virtually(heh) undrivable cars. ANd boy are they undrivable. I love it! You may or may not have seen my post troubleshooting just to get this game running - and boy was I not disappointed. This is the only game that actually forced me to use driving assists(brake assist in this case).

My god this game is awesome. Such a hidden gem.


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Missing Season.ini File

Yesterday, 12:09 AM

I recently re-installed GPL after many years away. I followed the easy install guide and everything seems to work well (new mods, 60FPS, etc...)
However, I've now realized that some tracks are not showing up in GEM.
I was looking at the 67 Historical mod and realised that Monacane is not showing up.  Its in the 67season.ini file, but GEM does not show it, and neither does GPL.
Looking around for a solution, I keep coming across references to a season.ini file, which I don't have anywhere. (I have a number of season files, like season65.ini, season67.ini, etc..)
Could this be the problem?
My season67.ini file has 19 tracks in it, however, GEM only shows 16 tracks even though all 19 are installed.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.


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Are There Still Online Races?

15 Dec 2022

Posted by Christian Dauger in N2K3-Discussion
I would like to reinstall Nascar2003! (or are there better sims since then? ;) )

Are there still any European leagues?
Or only in the US?


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Anyone Remember The Cancelled Trans-Am Racing ’68-’72?

14 Dec 2022

Posted by Tim Wheatley in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
I wrote an article about it and acquired some never-before-seen footage and information.


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